Lexington is a historic town located northwest of Boston and comprised of 16.4 square miles. Since the release of the 2000 decennial census and the 2002/2003 Comprehensive Plan, Lexington has undergone several demographic changes. This Demographic Trends Report (Report) provides an understanding of those changes that have occurred over the past twenty (20) years, while creating an inventory of Lexington’s past, present, and projected demography.

The data presented in this Report reveal present demographic trends relative to population characteristics, income, housing, schools and education, etc., thereby providing the foundation for Lexington’s future plan for development since the release of the 2002/2003 Lexington Comprehensive Plan.

Learn more about economic development in Lexington from the information below.

The CPAC, the Project Consultants, and Lexington Staff are working on developing the Demographic Inventory and Analysis Report. The most recent edition can be view below. Please note the document will be updated based on information collected at the June 15th Public Forum. Hence the note in the header of the document.

On March 7, 2019, the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) held a public forum, which presented information relative to demographics in Lexington. Please see the links below to view the video of the presentation of copies of the PowerPoint presentations presented.

Presentation of Demographic Information and Resident Priorities held on March 7, 2019