Goal Categories

  • Diversity 
  • Housing 
  • Transportation
  • Public Facilities & Services
  • Historic & Natural Resources
  • Environment
  • Economic Development
  • Recreation & Community Gathering 
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Goals & Objectives

The numbering does not in any way indicate priority; cross-cutting goals are listed first

To acknowledge and respect Lexington’s HISTORIC and NATURAL RESOURCES and protect its

  • Objective 1.1. Respect and promote the Town’s HISTORIC buildings, places, and stories.
  • Objective 1.2. Protect and connect OPEN SPACES and NATURAL RESOURCES

To protect the ENVIRONMENT and enhance long-term SUSTAINABILITY and RESILIENCE

  • Objective 2.1. Implement the SUSTAINABILITY PLAN
  • Objective 2.2. Protect NATURAL FEATURES and promote wellness for all living creatures

To increase DIVERSITY of people living and working in Lexington

  • Objective 3.1. Be equally welcoming and remove barriers for people of all backgrounds to live in Town
  • Objective 3.2. Foster a sense of belonging and promote interaction amongst residents of all backgrounds
  • Objective 3.3. Support older adults to age in community
  • Objective 3.4. Support teenagers to be independent
  • Objective 3.5. Support people of different abilities

To provide a wide range of HOUSING OPTIONS

  • Objective 4.1. Increase the supply of housing attainable to a wide RANGE OF INCOMES and all stages of the LIFE CYCLE
  • Objective 4.2. Increase the supply of housing oriented to OLDER ADULTS
  • Objective 4.3. Preserve the existing stock of MODEST HOMES


  • Objective 5.1. RETAIN existing and ATTRACT additional COMMERCIAL development
  • Objective 5.2. Make the TOWN CENTER more of a destination
  • Objective 5.3. Improve COMMERCIAL AREAS in various locations
  • Objective 5.4. Continue to promote TOURISM
  • Objective 5.5. Support WORKING FROM HOME population

To make entering, leaving and getting around Town safe and pleasant with TRANSPORTATION

  • Objective 6.1. Reduce TRAFFIC CONGESTION on local roads
  • Objective 6.2. Improve infrastructure for WALKING and BIKING
  • Objective 6.3. Improve PARKING, especially in the Town Center
  • Objective 6.4. Explore additional TRANSIT options

To provide and maintain facilities for RECREATION and COMMUNITY GATHERING

  • Objective 7.1. Maintain and promote EXISTING OPPORTUNITIES for gathering
  • Objective 7.2. Explore possibilities for INCREASING OPPORTUNITIES for gathering
  • Objective 7.3. Maintain existing and create new RECREATIONAL FACILITIES / PROGRAMMING

To provide state-of-the-art, well maintained and updated PUBLIC FACILITIES AND SERVICES

  • Objective 8.1.Support continued EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE
  • Objective 8.2. Continue to maintain the Town’s INFRASTRUCTURE
  • Objective 8.3. Ensure that Town SERVICES continue to be state-of-the-art
  • Objective 8.4. Be PROACTIVE
  • Objective 8.5. Continue to improve COMMUNICATION with and ENGAGEMENT of residents

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