2002/2003 Comprehensive Plan (The Lexington We Want)

The Lexington We Want is divided into two documents. Part One includes Land Use, Natural & Cultural Resources, Housing, and Economic Development. Part Two includes Transportation. 

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2015 Open Space and Recreation Plan

The Plan presents open space goals, objectives, and actions that guided the Town’s open space and recreation philosophy, planning, and management through 2021. The Conservation Office is currently seeking funding to  update the plan for 2022. 

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2014 Housing Production Plan

In 2014, the Town of Lexington partnered with MAPC to prepare a housing production plan (HPP) to help the community better understand the local housing need and demand,  set a vision for future affordable housing. 

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Lexington has a series of plans and reports that MGL requires. These plans and reports are referenced within the 2002/2003 Comprehensive Plan, in addition to LexingtonNext. Including the Lexington Age-Friendly Report and the Lexington’s Renewable Future, Getting to Net Zero Plan.