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Over the next several months, the CPAC will be preparing drafts of LexingtonNext. As drafts are released, they will be found here. 

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

Massachusetts General Law (MGL) Description

A comprehensive plan, also known as a master plan, is a visionary document that helps guide a community to make decisions about land use. Below is a series of facts about comprehensive plans.

  • The Planning Board is the adopting authority of a comprehensive plan
  • Guided by Massachusetts General Law (MGL), Chapter 41, Section 81D. 
  • Sections of a comprehensive plan include:
    • Goals and Policy Statements
    • Land Use Plan Element
    • Housing Element
    • Economic Development Element
    • Natural and Cultural Resource Element (Historical Resources)
    • Open Space and Recreation Element
    • Services and Facilities Element (Public Facilities)
    • Circulation Element (Transportation)
    • Implementation Program Element

Quick Facts - Did you know a comprehensive plan ...

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