LexingtonNext is Lexington’s Comprehensive Plan Update to the previous 2002-2003 Plan! What is a comprehensive plan? A comprehensive plan, also known as a master plan, land-use plan, or general plan, is a visionary document that helps guide a community when making land use decisions. A comprehensive plan must be adopted by the Planning Board as guided by Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 41, Section 81D. 

Comprehensive plans generally include elements of land use, housing, transportation/circulation, economic development, historic and cultural resources, open space, recreation and natural resources, and services and facilities. The CPAC has also incorporated elements of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and sustainability into LexingtonNext. 

Lexington’s previous comprehensive plan (The Lexington We Want 2002-2003) can be viewed here

Components of LexingtonNext

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Volume I: The Plan

Volume I consists of the prupose and process of the plan, underlying themes, key 25 recommendations, vision, goals, objectives and strategies for achieving goals, guiding principles, highlights of community priorities, key issues and opportunities, potential COVID impacts, and an the Implementation Plan.

Volume II: Inventory and Assessment of Existing Conditions

Volume II consists of an Inventory and Assessment of Existing Conditions for major topics of the Plan including historic and cultural resources, housing, transportation and circulation, public facilities, land use, economic vitality, and open space, recreation, and natural resources.

Volume III: Documentation of Public Input

Volume III includes the Working Vision, Goals, Objectives, and Strategies. This volume will also include a compiled record of all public input acquired throughout the Comprehensive Plan Update.