Working Vision

The Working Vision incorporates public input received to date and will be redefined as the community conversation continues. 

  • Welcoming Community
  • Climate Change
  • Housing Options
  • Educational Excellence
  • Town History
  • Open Space & Conservation

IMAGING a Lexington an actively welcoming community that attracts residents with a wide range of ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. A Lexington that is mutually open to learning and engaging people of all cultural backgrounds and that makes a concerted effort to be inclusive and to better communicate with residents of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Where all proposed projects and plans are evaluated as to their impact on structural racism.

IMAGINE a Lexington that mitigates the impacts of climate change and plans for a sustainable future by taking such actions as reaching Net Zero, encouraging building with green materials, increasing recycling, fuel efficiency, non-automobile travel options, greening the housing stock, and standing out as a leader in constructing environmentally-friendly public facilities, among other efforts. All plans and projects are evaluated as to their impact on the environment and climate change.

IMAGINE a Lexington thatoffers a wide range of housing options, affordable and attainable to individuals with a wide range of incomes, supporting the ability of families of diverse backgrounds to enjoy the Town’s assets while increasing the socio-economic, racial, and ethnic diversity of the Town’s population. A range of housing types is preserved and created, including those appropriately designed and located for older adults wishing to downsize in the community as well as for younger adults wishing to settle in the town.

IMAGE a Lexington that… continues to live up to its reputation for educational excellence, placing a high value on learning for all ages. There is a new High School, expanded programming at Cary Memorial Library and the Community Center, and many opportunities for lifelong learning. All of the Town’s schools are will be maintained and support state-of-the-art learning modalities and pedagogy including for Special Needs and English Language Learning.

IMAGINE a Lexington that … acknowledges and respects the Town’s history, the interwoven fabric of historic and natural resources, and other features that contribute to Lexington’s unique character. Historic resources, including buildings of note from a variety of epochs and other aspects of the built environment, are preserved and promoted.

IMAGE a Lexington that … Protects and connects its open spaces and conservation areas and whose residents enjoy a number of passive recreation activities. A well-maintained Minuteman Bike Path and an extensive ACROSS Lexington trail network offer connections to historic and natural resources as well as other places in Town.

  • Town Center
  • Walking & Biking
  • Economic Development
  • Facilities & Services
  • Community Gathering
  • Town Governance
  • Lexington Location

IMAGINE a Lexington that … offers residents and visitors a vibrant Town Center with diverse shops for goods and services meeting the needs of both residents and tourists and a variety of eating establishments that cater to a range of tastes. The Center pulses with activity; a large number of people live in the Center and has become a “foodie” destination that capitalizes on its multi-cultural population. Cultural events are coordinated with restaurants so that residents may enjoy a full and satisfying night out. All this in a safe and pleasant environment oriented to walkers and those on bicycles. Parking is managed well and parking fees help pay for maintenance, improvements, and beautification.

IMAGINE a Lexington that …provides extensive, safe, and pleasant walking and biking connections and robust transportation options to all areas of Town and beyond. There are increasingly fewer trips made by single-occupancy vehicles reflecting an increased interest in caring for the environment and the health and wellness of residents. Traffic congestion is reduced and safety is increased by enforcing speed limits.

IMAGINE a Lexington that… adopts streamlined permitting processes so that economic development continues to bolster the tax base, provide opportunities for local employment, as well as more retail and restaurants for residents and visitors to enjoy. The tax burden is shared with commercial development helping to pay for desired improvements and services The Town provides opportunities for local employment and enterprise to foster new businesses, large and small. Small businesses are supported by requiring lower tax rates of them and the Town’s history is leveraged creating a booming tourist economy that helps to support local businesses. . Commercial clusters and corridors provide more neighborhood-oriented goods and services and are located in various places in Town.

IMAGINE a Lexington that … provides municipal facilities and services that fulfill the needs of all age groups. Older adults are able to access a wide range of services including food, transportation, socializing, and health and wellness for a range of ability levels. Teens are supported in their need to feel independent by providing them with a dedicated space to socialize and ways of getting around Town that does not require driving a car.

IMAGINE a Lexington that … provides residents with a variety of opportunities for organized as well as spontaneous community gathering and interaction in both indoor and outdoor spaces. These include a Town Center that is a destination for both residents and visitors, made vibrant with diverse retail and restaurants and well-maintained walking and biking infrastructure; a Community Center with a wide range of offerings; and Cary Memorial Building providing numerous venues for entertainment. Intercultural and intergenerational activities provide
opportunities for interaction and enrichment.

IMAGINE a Lexington that …continually evaluates and improves the Town’s governance and improves, increases, and enhances communication with residents by using virtual platforms to support civic engagement, an improved website, multi-lingual communication, and active recruiting volunteers with diverse backgrounds.

IMAGINE a Lexington that … focuses on the various different parts of Lexington and a Plan for each is developed, taking into account their specific character, opportunities and challenges.

Elements for a Vision

Element for a Vision for Lexington’s Future are based on comments collected from participants in LexingtonNext Comprehensive Plan public forums

Create and preserve affordable housing (this is among the most pressing concerns and is related to participants’ expressed desire for a more economically and racially diverse population).

Preserve the existing stock of modest housing and reduce the increasing scale of new homes

Increase diversity of people living and working in Town (including people with a range of backgrounds – economic, race, ethnicity, religious, age and abilities).

 Become a more integrated community, racially, ethnically, and socio-economically

 Continue to promote educational excellence for all ages. The public schools are extremely valued for many residents are the reason they moved here in the first place.

Preserve significant historic places, buildings, and stories

Protect and continue to connect open spaces and conservation areas; develop criteria to prioritize the acquisition of additional parcels

Create a more vibrant town center and more vital commercial areas with diverse retail and restaurants, support for small businesses, more nightlife

Support community gathering and recreation. Spaces and places valued include the Town Center, the Minuteman Bike path, the Community Center, Cary
Memorial Building, Cary Memorial Library, Farmer’s
Market, etc.

Increase and diversify civic involvement

 Continue to be family-friendly by supporting opportunities for lifelong learning for all ages, active and passive recreation and other wholesome activities

Establish more, better, and better-connected walking, biking, transit options

 Reduce congestion and increase traffic safety

 Maintain state-of-the-art facilities and services that fulfill the needs of all age groups, specifically older adults and teens.

 Improve communication between town government and residents, including an improved website

 Plan for the different parts of Lexington developing a specific approach to each (e.g. East Lexington, Hartwell Avenue, etc.)

 Plan for climate change adaptation, resilience and

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